Our Founders

Eramosa Eden was founded by women who combined their life’s commitment to the spiritual development of humanity with their passion for social justice.  In the early years of Eramosa Eden, they focused much of their attention on the poor, people living with mental disabilities, and refugees.  Over the years, they incorporated an eco-spiritual perspective based on the teachings of Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, and other teachers focused on integrating spirituality, science, ecology and social justice into approaches for helping individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Valerie Bannert

Co-founder of Eramosa Eden
Aug. 28, 1928 – Feb. 17, 2018

Sister Brenda Duncombe

Co-founder of Eramosa Eden
July 13,1914 – Feb. 8, 2013

Mary Ellen Nettle

Diaconal Minister & Co-founder of Eramosa Eden June 1, 1929 – May 3, 2006

Joan Delaney

Co-founder of Eramosa Eden

By Valerie Bannert

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