What We Do


  • Our mission is to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of individuals and groups in an inclusive way through the provision of inspirational indoor and outdoor meeting spaces and programs.
  • We provide a 13-acre serene natural environment where visitors can enjoy forest walks, relax by the river, or self-reflect at any one of 10 meditation sites.
  • We also provide indoor meeting space for meetings and workshops (maximum 20 persons). Individuals and groups can book our facilities online.


Communal Gatherings for Sharing, Learning, and Taking Action

Through this program, we provide indoor and outdoor spaces for groups to hold their meetings, workshops, and other events. Book your event online here.

Workshops at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Call: (905) 356-4113 / Address: 7020 Stanley Ave. Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 7B7

Writing Workshops / “Scripts for the Life You Want to Live” 

This is a monthly program led by Gloria Nye, a local writer and winner of many awards for her literary works. The program is open to everyone. You do not need to be “a writer” to participate, just someone who is interested in writing, telling your story, or using writing as a tool for self reflection and personal development. Accomplished (or seasoned) writers are welcome to share and receive feedback on their writing, or use this time and quiet space to continue their latest project.

Seniors Memoir-Writing Project

Over the years, with funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program, we have delivered several projects for seniors, including seniors’ social theatre. At present, we are focusing on helping seniors to use digital technology to write and illustrate their memoirs. We are supported by the Older Adult Centre in Rockwood and the local Rockwood Public Library, both of whom allow us to use their space and resources

Ten Meditation Sites (Currently closed for repairs/re-construction until the Spring)

This program provides community members with ten inspirational spaces for meditation, contemplation and self-reflection. The theme for the sites is an eco-spiritual one.

1. Sacred Cosmos
2. Sacred Earth
3. Sacred Water
4. Sacred Soil
5. Sacred Air

6. Sacred Fire
7. The Power of Thoughts
8. The Power of Words
9. The Power of Action
10. Creativity: We are Co-creators.

Circles and Ceremonies for Individual Well-being

The focus of this program is on providing support for individuals who are experiencing challenges and can benefit from circles and ceremonies designed specifically to support them on their journey. This program is led and facilitated by family members of the individual, community members, and community organizations, in consultation with Eramosa Eden.

Celebration of Life Ceremonies (for different stages in the Life Cycle)

This program supports individuals and group who want to celebrate such life events as the birth of a child, baptism, marriage, life after marriage, and the lives of loved ones who have passed away. These events are organized and facilitated by family members and community leaders in consultation with Eramosa Eden.

Connecting with Nature for Reflection and Response  (quiet spaces, forest trail, etc.)

Community members are provided with the opportunity to enjoy forest walks, relax by the river, study the flora and fauna, talk to the trees, rest their bodies on Mother Earth, or bathe in the river. This program is open to individuals and groups.  (Children and youth under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member or adult caregiver.)  

The Guelph Outdoor School 

The Guelph Outdoor School is a community organization that uses the outdoor spaces of Eramosa Eden to conduct their nature-based outdoor program for children.